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  • How do I schedule an appointment with you?
    The best way to book an appointment is right here on my website! My booking tab will be visible when my books are open, still feel free to reach out with any questions on my social media platforms! I usually book out 4-6 months in advance, so be prepared for a wait.
  • What is your pricing?
    I charge $125 per hour, I do not give exact quotes, only hourly estimates. It is always best to budget over your hourly estimate!
  • Is a deposit required?
    I take a $100 mandatory deposit to book! A deposit is a non-refundable down payment to both ensure your commitment to the appointment and cover the time spent out into the design of your piece! The deposit does come off the total price of your piece but is forfeited in the event of a cancellation with less than a 48 hour notice. If the deposit is forfeited due to a short notice cancellation or a no-show, a second deposit is required to reschedule. Deposits are not refundable for any cancellations, but will be honored if you need to reschedule given 48 hours notice!
  • What payment types do you accept?
    For deposits and payments, I can take PayPal, Venmo, or cash! The studio does have an ATM but can only dispense a $200 max, I do take card!
  • Do you tattoo minors?
    I only tattoo those 18+
  • Do’s and Dont’s:
    Recommended products to use: Soap: dial gold liquid Lotion: lubriderm, cetaphil, baby lotion. Avoid: Ointments such as Aquaphor, Vaseline, etc. Covering tattoo with seran wrap after the first day, and only when recommended by your artist. Soaking your tattoo (hottubs, bathtubs, swimming) for two full weeks after getting your tattoo. DO NOT use sunscreen on your tattoo until it is completely healed
  • When using DermSheild or an aftercare wrap:
    Change the wrap 24 hours after the first piece goes on, either at home or in the studio if asked to come back in. Remove the first piece of wrap in the shower or under lukewarm running water. Wash with an antibacterial unscented soap. Dry by patting with a paper towel and letting air dry for 10-15 before applying the new wrap. Leave the new piece of wrap on for 5-7 days, then take it off and let me know how it’s healed!
  • When not using wrap, or if the wrap comes off early:"
    Wash twice daily with antibacterial unscented soap, after the first two days, start moisturizing with an unscented lotion after washing. Continue for two weeks. Do not touch your tattoo with unclean hands or let others touch it, including pets and children Do not soak your tattoo, avoid pools, hot tubs, baths, etc. for the first two weeks of healing. Shower regularly.
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