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  1. My rate is $125 per hour and my minimum is $100. My hourly will be raising to $150 per hour when I book for 2022. **My rates will be raising to $150 per hour in January 2022**

  2. A $100 deposit is required in order to book an appointment, deposits are non refundable but will be deducted from the price of the tattoo. A deposit is forfeited in the following circumstances: 

    1. Cancellation with less than 48 hour notice or no-call no-shows. 

    2. Being 15+ minutes late to appointment with no communication. 

  3. After rescheduling your appointment twice, a $50 rescheduling fee will be applied. This is not a deposit and is not deducted from the price of the tattoo. 

  4. The Payment forms I accept are Cash, Venmo, and Paypal. I do not accept Cards, but there is an ATM on property. Trade requests are also welcome! 




  1. I do not tattoo minors. There are no exceptions. 

  2. I will respond to your submission either to set a date or to let you know I could not take on your piece. 

  3. It may take up to 4-8 weeks to respond to your request, as I only open my books one month at a time. 

  4. Your actual appointment will be set anywhere from 2-6 months out from the time of submission.

  5. Please look at my work before submitting a request. I choose which designs I will schedule based on their content and how well it fits my style. 

  6. I only do custom work. You may use other tattoos or drawings as style reference or design reference, but I will not copy someone else's work. 

  7. Submitting a form does not guarantee you an appointment. With the amount of submissions I receive, I generally have to turn away around half. 

  8. Submissions are not first come-first-served. I prioritize designs that interest me and fit best with my style. Please be as descriptive as possible when filling out your form. 


  1. Come showered and in comfortable clothing. Consider where your tattoo is going and dress accordingly.

  2. Exfoliate and moisturize the area in the days approaching your appointment in order to maximize your canvas quality.

  3. Shave beforehand only if your skin is accustomed to shaving and you KNOW you will not get cuts, razor burn, or ingrown hairs. 

  4. Eat a meal at least two hours before your appointment to avoid low blood sugar and fatigue. Brings snacks or a sugary drink if your are prone to low blood sugar or fainting.

  5. Stay hydrated the day before the appointment. Steer clear of excessive alcohol the day before and the day of of your appointment. Disclose any medications or substances you have taken the day of your appointment.